Archive of posts from July 2012

  • Radon test results

    We ordered a radon test kit from the New York State Department of Health last month. The kit is small canister of charcoal that you open and place in the test area for several days. We let it sit for 4 days in our basement, then sent it off to the testing lab. The results came back about a week later.

  • June performance

    June seemed to be in line with past year averages at least temperature-wise. (1 heating degree day less than the 10 year average, 52% less HDD than May, 8% more sun). We turned on the air conditioning for a couple of hours on three particularly hot and humid days. We’ve also started building a barn this month so that is starting to show up in our energy usage. This partially resulted in 5% higher energy usage in June. We used 0.36 kWh for space heating and 2.76 kWh for cooling. Our daily average usage was up 9% from May. We generated a 614 kWh surplus this month, our forth surplus month in a row and highest yet.