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  • Third quarter 2015 performance

    Q3 2015 summary: 38% warmer, 22% less usage and 3% more sun as compared to Q3 2014.

    Traditionally, 3rd quarters are pretty boring in the home performance category. No heating. Generally no air conditioning. No ventilator because the windows are open. At this time of year, the main job of the house is to keep the rain out, and we didn’t get much of that this quarter.

    Our most exciting finding this quarter was that we had a 1+ megawatt month. In August we produced 1.003 MW. This is only the second time we’ve produced more than a megawatt in a single month. The first was August 2012 when we produced 1.018 MW.

    Sometime in early August we became net positive for the year. We now have a surplus of 1,239 kWh heading into the final months of 2015.

    Overall, here’s how this quarter compared to 2014.

    Charts comparing Q3 usage, solar and HDD
    Charts comparing Q3 usage, solar and HDD