If you’re not a technical person, you can safely ignore this post. The only thing that you will notice is that when you go to uphillhouse.com, you are now directed to uphillhouse.netplusdesign.com. And the site looks a bit different, but otherwise no big changes.

Net Plus Design is where I serve the Home Perfomance App and it made sense to consolidate the blog and app under one location.

Under the covers, this is a completely new site.

After many happy years running this site on Wordpress, I decided to change something to simplify my life and that was not possible to do on Wordpress, so I made another decision. Move off of Wordpress.

This site is now a simple static website, built using Jekyll. No fancy sontent management system under the covers. I no longer have to pay Worpress not to show advertisements on the site. And if I need to make a change across the entire site, I can do it easily with a search and replace. But more importantly in the future I’ll be able to embed energy data into posts.

And soon, we’ll have comments again! Thanks for your patience.